Chatbots: don’t miss the best of Codemotion!

To help you to get the most from the conference, we have set a series of posts that will cover some of the hottest topics of this year edition!
Let’s start with the Chatbots Topic, that’s all the content you’ll find in this post:
Codelabs – Startups – Talks – Meetups

* Codelabs
Build your own bot
– Friday, 25th November, from 11:30 to 13:10
Bot Revolution Lab – by Giulio Santoli e Vito Flavio Lorusso
availability: SOLD-OUT
– Friday, 25th November, from 11:30 to 18:00
Learn to build Bots, and add Video, SMS, Voice to your apps by using Cisco Spark and Tropo – by Stève Sfartz, Jonathan Field
availability: seats are limited, registration is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

* Startups
Meet the statups in bot business showcasing during Codemotion
– Bot Company

* Talks
Dive into the topic with the experts
– Saturday, 26th November, from 12:30 to 13:10
Human vs Bot: Giocare a Sasso-Carta-Forbici (Lizard-Spock) tra le nuvole – by Matteo Valoriani and Antimo Musone.
– Saturday, 26th November, from 16:20 to 17:00
Elixir and Lambda talk with a Telegram bot – by Paolo Montrasio

* Meetup
After the friday’s Networking Beer don’t miss out the tech-community meetup
– Friday, 25th November, free community meetup from 18:30 to 19:50
Milano Chatbots Meetup – with Emanuele Capparelli, Vittorio Banfi and Adriano Urso

Stay tuned for more content highlights!

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