Let’s Meetup! (After a beer…)

Did you take a look to the 4 awesome Tech Meetups organized for Codemotion Milan? We are thrilled to present them to you!

On Friday 25th November, after the networking beer, stay with us and with the tech communities, you will not regret it!


Milano Chatbots Meetup

Emanuele Capparelli (Founder – Bot Company): Creating the Codemotion Bot

Vittorio Banfi (Co-Founder – BotSociety): Designing the conversation for a Facebook Bot

Adriano Urso (CTO –  Endurance Group srl): Lead generation in confessional with Bots


Un anno di Front End Meetup! Gioie, dolori e festeggiamenti!

Alessandro Muraro (UI Developer – Objectway) and Giacomo Zinetti (Senior Frontend Developer – The Outplay) will talk about what happened in a year of Front End, among news, joys and sorrows, and what will happen in the future.


Milano JS Meetup

Maurizio Mangione (Founder – Milano JS) and Gabriele Petronella (Co-Founder & Software Engineer – buildo) will present Flow, a static typechecker for Javascript that can help coding in a more reliable way. Case study and demos included.


UGIdotNET Meetup

Andrea Saltarello (CEO – Managed Designs S.r.l.): The Fine Art of Time Travelling

Alessandro Melchiori (Software developer – CodicePlastico srl): An actor (model) for friend


Join us! See you there!




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