Advisory Board

We are really proud to announce our new Advisory board!

Every talk submitted to Codemotion Milan 2016 indeed, is voted by all the Tech Communities – the very heart of Codemotion – and by an Advisory board which provide a technical expertise to our committee.

The members of our Advisory board are expert in their field and add this knowledge value to Codemotion, to choose best proposals and speakers coming from Call For Paper.

Highly committed, independent, balanced in its composition and enriched with the diversity of its members, Codemotion Milan 2016 Advisory Board comprises 6 members:

Alessandro Cinelli (a.k.a. cirpo) is currently working as Lead Developer at Sainsbury’s, one of the major chain of supermarkets in the United Kingdom. He has a keen attention for enterprise patterns, methodologies, clean code and everything related to performances. He loves to share and give back to the community, that’s why he actively contributes to open source projects and when he was in Italy he has been a board member of the Italian PHP, Javascript User Group and WEBdeBS.

Cristiano Rastelli is a passionate web developer & product designer, with more than 15 years of experience. He is a hybrid professional, working on the design, the user-experience and the visual-layout of websites and web applications, and at the same time building the code behind the pages, plan the logics to connect them.
He is an expert in coding semantic HTML5 and cross-browser CSS3, in building responsive and adaptive websites, in designing visual-appealing layouts and user-friendly interfaces. Of course,he has also some knowledge and experience on the server-side of the things.

Andrea Ferlito ICT professional with over 15 years experience in software design and development and project management. His insane passion for videogames brought him to be well known through the Italian and international game developer communities. In the last four years he has been trying to create a link between Italian game developers and investors, organising dedicated events as barcamps and the local venues for the most important international game jams like Global Game Jam and Indie Speed Run. He is a co-founder and Game Developer Area manager of Codemotion and gaming specialised mentor for Innovaction Lab.

Giovanni Laquidara is a software engineer working in Air Traffic Control and Command & Control System development field. Active member in GDG-Rome and CodeInvaders Communities having fun developing Android and Web Application. Startupper in love with new and life changing technologies. Digital Champion Tivoli. Work Hard Dance Hard 😉

Matteo Collina is a code pirate and mad scientist. He spends most of his days programming in node.js, but in the past he worked with Ruby, Java and Objective-C. He recently defended his a Ph.D. thesis titled “Application Platforms for the Internet of Things”. Now he is a Software Architect at nearForm, working on the nscale deployer. Matteo is also the author of the Node.js MQTT Broker, Mosca and of the LevelGraph database.
He is

Andrea Pompili is a computer scientist and a security expert. Andrea was well known in his youth to be one of the most famous Italian programmer of old computer games. Upon graduation, he started developing software and then computer security. Currently he is a strategic adviser in security and networking to the integration of innovative solutions.
Starting from 2013 Andrea is part of the core team of the project development OWASP ZAP .

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