Oval Money

Backend Developer – Python


Requested skills and experience:

We are currently looking for a backend engineer to join us full time. If Python, big data and math sounds interesting to you don’t hesitate and contact us now.
We’re looking for (in your cover letter please try to give a very brief description of your experience in each of these items, if any)

  • Knowledge of Python and the Pythonic way of solving problems
  • Knowledge of PostgreSQL and database design principles
  • Ability to find your way in a non-trivial codebase
  • Understanding of why testing is important
  • Ownership and participation
  • Understanding of engineering constraints in a startup environment
  • Existing knowledge of Pyramid and Pandas would be very beneficial
  • Understanding of machine learning and scikit-learn would also be a huge plus
  • Having open source projects/contributions we could look at would be very helpful

What we offer:

You will be part of a team of serial entrepreneurs with a global market experience in building tech startups and you will have the opportunity to change the financial market, by bringing better education and inclusion. You will be able to work from our London or Rome or Turin office and enjoy the wonderful italian breakfast for the team prepared every day. You will be independent and can manage your own schedule but will be working with an international and diverse team of people that together have the mission to change the financial world forever.

RAL range:

25.000€ – 35.000€



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