Data Visualization Designer


Skills required:

  • knowledge of design and realization of static and interactive data visualizations and infographics;
  • knowledge of Adobe Illustrator;
  • knowledge of AngularJS and JQuery;
  • knowledge of tools and analytical languages and data visualization (ex. Tableau, R, Python, Gephi, NodeBox);
  • experience in the use of library data visualization (d3.js, Processing).

Given the complexity of the project, it is necessary the predisposition of learning and teamwork.
It is required a good knowledge of English.

The job position expected:

  • data visualization design, infographics, reports and dashboard, both static and interactive;
  • collaboration with data scientists team and software development in the creation of complex digital products based on the visual representation of data;
  • responsibilities in the management and delivery of projects.

We offer open-ended contract.

RAL range:

25.000€ – 35.000€


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