Artificial Intelligence – Subject Matter Expert 


The Subject Matter Expert (SME) is specialized in the technological domain of artificial intelligence.

He/she is:

  • Highly proficient in the technology related to the artificial intelligence and its business applications, gained through academic studies, specializations and long-standing work experience in the field
  • A support for the go-to-market function in the identification of business ideas, areas of application, offering, technological trends; in the definition of a technological roadmap and in the analysis of vendors and their technology
  • A support for the Solution Architect in the design of technological solutions, giving recommendations on feasibility, complexity, benefits and risks of using AI technologies.


  • Degree in technical disciplines
  • Experience from 4 to 8 years in the role
  • Strong passion for new technologies and their application on our clients’ business
  • Decision-making skills
  • Goal oriented
  • Long-standing experience in AI applications and in technology solutions design
  • Fluent knowledge of English

The AI SME must be proficient in the following areas:

  • Machine/Deep Learning – Platforms and algorithms for  machine learning, neural networks, etc
  • NLP – Natural Language Processing, emotion recognition, language recognition and classification, etc
  • Vision – computer vision, object / faces / gender / age / emotion / text recognition etc
  • Sound – audio processing, speech conversion into texts, emotion / language / sound / gender / age recognition, etc
  • AI solutions – Virtual Agents, Robotic Process Automation, intelligent case processing, Video Analytics, Unique Identity/ biometrics, inference engines, stream monitoring, intelligent search, ontologies/knowledge representations…
  • Data mining (ex. SciPy, R, MATLAB®)
  • AI applications and augmented reality

In Accenture Technology, you can develop your technical skills in one of the greatest societies of technological services, leader to world level, by using customized classroom and on-the-job training programs.

Your career will benefit from our experience in helping customers within each market sector to exploit the potential of technology to innovate, grow and improve their performance.

We are looking for young IT enthusiasts that accept the challenge to realize innovative solutions to the technological problems more complexes. People that can help us to turn the innovation into effective technological solutions.

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