IBM Watson Conversation: machine learning tools, artificial intelligence capabilities and natural language


Go in deep on this Bluemix Services. Add a natural language interface to your application to automate interactions with your end users. Common applications include virtual agents and chat bots that can integrate and communicate on any channel or device. Train Watson Conversation service through an easy-to-use web application, designed so you can quickly build natural conversation flows between your apps and users, and deploy scalable, cost effective solutions.

Language: Italian

Level: Beginner

Rossella De Gaetano

Senior Technical Staff Member Cloud Platform - IBM

Joined IBM immediately after college as software developer. A few years of experience as designer and developer of product installers using native technologies on Linux, Windows, AIX, Sun Solaris, HP-UX, SGI, z/OS. Long experience in developing and designing client-server applications and web applications. Great ability in leading geographically distributed team covering the whole software lifecycle development: development, test, customer support .

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