Outthink: machines coping with humans. A journey into the cognitive world


How changed the the Application Development's world from Apollo 11 to 2016? Exceeds the limits of code and allow you app to innovate your business. Intelligent Machine (Robot), Device which communicate and drone which fly but the core it's always the cognitive development. Cognitive Development: allow you application to solve new issue and innovate your business. Your application innovates your business outthik code limit.

Language: English

Level: Intermediate

Elisabetta Rinaldi

IBM Bluemix Security and Compliance Manager - IBM

I'm a manager at IBM Italy since 2007. I joined this company in 1999 and I covered several technical roles. I realized at that time that IBM is a huge company, helping me to understand that I was strong not only on technical challenges, but also able to effectively deal with multiple people covering several different roles. An extraordinary team player. I was recognized at that time as leader, and this brought me into a management position with people responsibility. People are my main motivation today, nothing is achievable without them.

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Salvatore Vella

Vice President, Cloud Platform Development - IBM

Salvatore is Vice President of Cloud Platform Development, IBM Cloud. He is responsible for IBM’s Cloud Platform bringing together Bluemix, SoftLayer, the Cloud Foundation Services and Blue Box Cloud, resulting in rapid innovation and delivery to the market of leading cloud capabilities as the premier cloud provider to the enterprise. Sal joined IBM in 1987

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Rossella De Gaetano

Senior Technical Staff Member, Cloud Foundation Services - IBM

Rossella studied mathematics university. She started her carreer in IBM in the license management area as developer, then she has been technical leader for a couple of asset management products. In the last few years, she joined the cloud division becoming the subject matter expert for SmartCloud Provisioning and IBM Cloud Orchestrator and taking leadership roles in customer support and development. In 2015 she has been appointed Senior Technical Staff Member and took over the responsibility for Cloud Foundation Services business analytics. Hobbies: 7 times italian Taekwondo champion

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Pepper P.

Robot - IBM

He’s an autonomous talking humanoid robot who perceives emotions, and adapts his behavior to the mood of the humans around him. Pepper identifies joy, sadness, anger or surprise and respond appropriately, making his interactions with humans incredibly natural and intuitive.

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