"Gridd: Retroenhanced" - what is behind the scenes?


Talking about the most significant design problems connected to our currently work-in-progress project, "Gridd: Retroenhanced", we are going to explain the whys and hows behind our main development choises. The talk will lead us to a briefly introduction about our personal method to quickly prototype and test a small game in Unity.

Language: English

Level: Beginner

Andrea Tabacco

CEO and Senior Designer - Antab Studio Srl

Andrea Tabacco is an eclectic professionist active in the game industry since 2005. Andrea has worked both for big companies – such as Ubisoft and Forge Reply – as well as an indie developer, self-publishing one-man-team games for consoles and mobile devices. Following the desire to dedicate all his efforts and time to his own company, Andrea has founded AntabStudio at the beginnings of 2016.

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Lara Gianotti

Co-founder and Junior Designer - Antab Studio Srl

Lara worked some years as graphic designer and art director both for digital and traditional media, but her real passion as always been game development and game design. As AntabStudio Co-Founder Lara is using her skills in visual comunication, design and marketing to make the company grow as a brand, and to partecipate in the development of AntabStudio's currently work-in-progress title.

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