Visualizing Concurrency in Go


One of the primary strengths of Go programming language is a built-in first-class support for concurrency. We're going to learn about it in a completely new way, using interactive 3D visualizations, which help us understand the complex but astonishing world of modern concurrent software. We'll see what’s happening inside the real code—from a simple “Hello, World” to real production-level high-loaded servers, and learn different approaches and concurrency patterns that are used for building concurrent pipelines and algorithms. And we'll do it all in 3D!

Language: English

Level: Beginner

Ivan Daniluk

Senior Engineer - Typeform

Ivan Daniluk is a senior software engineer at Typeform. Ivan has more than decade of experience in writing networking software for security market. He’s an active member of the Go community, a conference speaker, the host of the GolangShow podcast, and organizer of Golang meetups, the author of numerous articles about Go, and the author of a few popular projects for gophers. Ivan enjoys helping people to learn about Go and programming and is highly interested in neural networks, artificial intelligence, neuroscience, visualizations, and new approaches to education in general.

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