How to embed Video Calls and Messaging without being a WebRTC, XMPP or SIP expert


If Messaging and Video communications are now in our habits (whether WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Cisco Sparkā€¦), it is still pretty complicated to integrate these capabilities in our Mobile and Web applications. Announced at both Apple and Cisco WW conferences in July 2016 (, Cisco is working on a SDK that allows developers to add video capabilities to any apps with just a few lines of code. This SDK is actually in early access by the developer community. You can candidate here if interested :

Language: English

Level: Intermediate

Stève Sfartz

API Evangelist - CISCO

NeXT developer back in the 90's, Stève got among the first Java Certified developer and JavaOne exhibitors, evangelized the .Net platform, and launched Microsoft Cloud Azure. Stève then ran the engineering of Kosmos’s Digital Services for Education, and the Restlet Modeling and Hosting Platform for Web APIs "APISpark". Since 2016, Stève Sfartz is API Evangelist at DevNet - Cisco Developer Program - spreading the word for Cisco REST APIs and Cloud Collaboration Services. Entrepreneur and co-founder of several companies, Stève helps Startups and Developers innovate and grow their business.

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Jonathan Field

Business Development - Cisco

Jonathan spends his time with developer communities, startups and Cisco customers helping them to build the next generation of business bots and integrations for the Cisco Spark platform.

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