Beautiful Authentication: Tear down the barbed wire


People don’t ever specifically want to sign in or create an account – they just want the features that being signed in allows. Somewhere between upselling and onboarding, they will run into the wall around your beautiful garden, and be forced to sign in if they want to get inside. I’ll review the ways you can make sure your gated garden isn’t covered in barbed wire. Although this talk is focused on authentication experiences, the ideas apply to many other kinds of features. I use authentication, and in particular my experience with it at SoundCloud, as a case study.

Language: English

Level: Intermediate

Tiffany Conroy

Senior Product Manager & Engineer - SoundCloud

Tiffany is a Canadian living in Berlin. She is a senior product manager and engineer at SoundCloud. Her specialty is picking apart nuanced user needs and translating them into nitty gritty technical requirements. She gives talks at the intersection of UX and dev. Most recently, she has been working and speaking the realms of authentication and authorization.

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