Distributed System explained (with NodeJS)


Since I've been working on distributed systems I always wanted to back in time and teach myself what I know now, in order to avoid the silly mistakes I did! Things like vector clocks, the CAP theorem, how replication really works (and why it's needed), what BASE means and in general all about how this stuff really works! This is the speech I'd needed wheI wrote my first DT, and it's something you need to know if you fancy working in this area. And we will also be coding some very simple examples in NodeJS, as I am not a big believer of diagrams... show me code!

Language: Italian

Level: Beginner

Bruno Bossola

VP of Engineering - Meterian

Bruno starts coding in LM on a Vic20, then working in C since 1988, in Java since 1996. He developed distributed objects and large scale application for the enterprise using RMI, CORBA and J2EE. In 1999 he coaches one of the first group that adopts XP method in Italy. In 2002 he has co-founder of Java User Group Torino, in 2005 he's recognized as Java Champion, He has been promoting Java technologies as a speaker in Italy at developer conferences like Webbit, AgileDay, JavaConference, Javaday and in Europe at Devoxx, Jazoon and Geecon. Now he settled in London and enjoys the weather :)

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