From a developer to a teamleader — an unexpected journey


Sometimes a developer faces the question or even a tough choice — should I become a teamleader or a manager? I cannot answer this question for anyone, but I can tell others what experience I had. I’ve met two types of teamleaders in the industry — one that is more an architect and doesn’t manage estimates or prioritisation, but is just responsible for the architecture and the code quality; and the second one that does both management and architecture. The latter one is the most interesting one, and is the topic of the talk.

Language: English

Level: Beginner

Vitaly Sharovatov

Mobile Web Team Lead - Badoo

I'm 32 y.o. web-developer and I specialise in client-side, web apps architecture and performance. I started working in client-side development area back in 1999, had all the fun supporting IE5.01/Opera 7 in commercial projects with semantic markup, proper CSS and unobtrusive js much before jQuery or other popular tools appeared, so had the wonderful time of discovering all the browsers incompatibilities and quirks. As of 2003, I also started designing web apps achitecture with proper perfomance in mind, studied HTTP/1.0 and 1.1 spec, learnt DB theory and practiced in Mysql/MSSQL.

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