Big data, small dashboard


Big data is the new black. We have more data than we could use, but what we really need is information. The typical dashboard is completely crammed with colourful 3D pies, uncountable lines and tons of extra-thick tables. And nobody understands anything. Knowledge is power. But to be able to know you first have to understand. In this talk we shall see how to transform a terribile mess into a clean and informative dashboard, moving step by step and explaining the reasonings between each passage. At my signal... unleash knowledge!

Language: English

Level: Intermediate

Andrea Maietta

Head of Innovation - Wide Care Services

Passionate advocate of agile methods, Andrea helps companies to identify opportunities, analyze business cases and innovate their processes accordingly to build value. Always excited to learn and share, in his "spare" time he is a frequent speaker at conferences and is involved in training, communication and organization. He's an editor for the "Made for Makers" series, where he also writes books for makers.

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