Can Super Coders be a reality?


Alan Turing was the most talented potential super coder. What happened to him is a tragic tale. He was victimized and marginalized despite proving himself by breaking the Enigma code. Sadly, such instances continue to happen so coders are not able to code. Code in motion is a concept I'd like to define as code which is useful to the final consumer. Otherwise code is a hindrance. I will share 3 corporate examples, propose solutions to develop business vision along with coding and conclude by appealing to coders present to give the “code in motion” a higher priority compared to coding in itself.

Language: English

Level: Intermediate

Atreyam Sharma

Co-Founder and Vice President - Workshop4Me a.s.b.l

Atreyam (Leo) is one of the youngest entrepreneurs, technology dreamers, coders and hardcore gamers in Continental Europe. He has the unique distinction of being a teacher for the young generation in the age group of 7–16 years through Workshop4Me. He regularly runs coding events for Geek Week Luxembourg and EU Code Week. He has been the keynote speaker at technology events, including the LIFT Conference in Geneva, Codemotion Milan, TEDx talk in India, Scratch Conference in Budapest and Marketing and Management Conference in Berlin. Apart from teaching, Atreyam develops apps and games.

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