Hearthstone: an analysis of game network protocols.


In this talk we will delve into one of the most played games of the moment: Blizzard Interactive's Hearthstone. We will focus on analysing Hearthstone's implementation of Google Protocol Buffers and proceed to show how the game handles communication by providing some code examples and by showing how to create a Deck Tracking application.

Language: English

Level: Intermediate

Andrea Del Fiandra

IT Technician - Becreatives

Andrea (@delfioh) is an IT Technician and has been working in the field for 8 years. Big coding enthusiast since age 11, he started programming on his parents' Commodore 64 in Basic and then moved on to other languages such as C/C++ and, a little more recently, C#. He loves figuring out how things work behind the scenes, as he believes the true fun in being a programmer is the search for more knowledge.

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Marco Cuciniello

CTO - Becreatives

19yo developer

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