The (almost) lost art of Smalltalk


This talk is not about how to survive your next elevator ride but about the grandfather of all Object-Oriented Programming language. Even 40 years after its inception, no other language can hold a candle to the elegance and purity of this dinosaur of computer science. With the recent appearance of new open-source implementations and web-development frameworks, it seems like Smalltalk is about to receive its second wind. In this talk I will introduce you to its exciting interactive capabilities and demonstrate how much fun web development can be. But warning: Smalltalk is highly addictive.

Language: English

Level: Beginner

Nikolas Martens

Software Engineer - Freelancer

Nikolas Martens is a full-hearted freelancing software engineer and trainer in Berlin. He has been coding on various platforms including desktop applications, embedded systems and robots, but is most experienced in web development. His interests are software architecture, automated testing, web applications, distributed system, lean methods, and specification by example. In his spare time he develops experimental frameworks or simply enjoys Berlin's city life. You can find Nikolas on

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