Knowledge is Power: Getting out of trouble by understanding Git


Git is rapidly taking over the development workplace. One of the downsides of high-level tools is that they can hide the details of what is happening under the hood; when things go wrong it can be hard to understand why git behaves the way it does. But at its core Git consists of a few simple concepts that, when understood, make it a much more intuitive tool. This talk introduces these core Git concepts and uses them to clarify some examples of seemingly counterintuitive behaviour. It also introduces some of Git's less-known features and tricks that are useful to have in your arsenal.

Language: English

Level: Intermediate

Steve Smith

Developer Advocate - Atlassian

Steve Smith has worked at Atlassian for over 9 years, both as a sysadmin and a developer. Prior to that he worked on tanks and radars in the Outer Hebrides, telecoms systems in Hong Kong, and in startups in Australia. He now works out of Atlassian's UK offices, focusing on high-availability, continuous-deployment and platform migration issues.

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