Elixir and Lambda talk with a Telegram bot


The talk demonstrates a working system made of an Elixir program running on a Raspberry Pi that scans the Wi-Fi spectrum and collects presence data; an AWS Lambda JavaScript function that receives those data and stores them into a DynamoDB instance; a Telegram bot, also running on Lambda, which sends alerts based on the number of presences. The focus will be on the overall architecture and the most important parts of the code. We'll show some Lambda automation tools and how to test the components locally. All the source code will be on GitHub. Ideal talk to get started with those technologies.

Language: English

Level: Intermediate

Paolo Montrasio

owner - Connettiva

Developer since the 80s, architect and project manager in the 90s and early 00s, back to software design and development in the last 10 years. Many technologies under the belt, such as C, Perl, HTML/CSS, Java, JavaScript, Ruby on Rails. Doing some work with Elixir and Phoenix lately, plus some AWS Lambda and chatbots. Owner of connettiva.eu.

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