Nobody Likes Working With You


It doesn't matter how efficient your code is, if your team mates don't like working with you, you are a bad software developer. Most of your time is spent communicating with others (emails, tasks, comments on pull requests) If you can't do it properly your colleagues won't take your opinions into consideration or will be afraid to ask for them. And a team unable to communicate and speak openly will end up producing bad code. ‚Äč In this presentation I will talk about how to: - Give constructive feedback - Comment on others code nicely - Disagree without offending - Express your ideas

Language: English

Level: Beginner

Luis G. Valle

Team Lead - Novoda

Software Crafter @ Novoda. I am a firm believer in simple, well-made things. Which I like to apply to code, interfaces and processes. I've been recently focused on advocating for better team communication. I believe this is key to produce quality software in any company. I am passionate about reading, talking and writing about software craftsmanship. Sharing experiences is the most rewarding way to improve the community.

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