Graph databases and the "panama papers"


In spring 2016 the first press reports regarding the "panama papers" were released. With almost 3TB of raw data this was by far the largest leak of data worldwide. This talk gives some technical insights who the ICIJ (International Consortium Of Investigate Journalists) worked with that amount of data to provide journalist an easy to use interface for doing their research. Aside other technologies one core component was a graph database. In a live demo in the panama papers dataset we'll explore to power and conciseness of the graph query language "Cypher".

Language: English

Level: Beginner

Stefan Armbruster

Field Engineer - Neo Technology

Stefan is working for 4+ years as a field engineer for Neo Technology, the company backing the open source graph database Neo4j. Before he has spent ~15 years as a freelance consultant. Aside from coding in the java ecosystem he is a passionate Linux veteran since the kernel 1.0.x days. When not coding, he tries to find the perfect espresso and works is a volunteer firefighter at the local fire department.

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