SASI, Cassandra on the full text search ride !


Apache Cassandra is a scalable database with high availability features. But they come with severe limitations in term of querying capabilities. Since the introduction of SASI in Cassandra 3.4, the limitations belong to the pass. Now you can create performant indices on your columns as well as benefit from full text search capabilities with the introduction of the new LIKE %term% syntax. To illustrate how SASI works, we'll use a database of 100 000 albums and artists.

Language: English

Level: Beginner

DuyHai Doan

Technical Advocate - Datastax

Duy Hai is working for Datastax as Cassandra Technical Advocate. He spends his time between technical presentations/meetups on Cassandra, coding on open source projects to support the community and helping all companies using Cassandra to make their project successful. Previously he was working as a freelance Java/Cassandra consultant.

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